C Ya

Things with “C” have almost ran their course because he is just to damn controlling for me. He doesn’t want me to have my fb, he wants to be part of my new business-that will never happen and now he is starting to pressure me for sex. In today’s world everyone is having sex on the first date but I don’t drop my panties that quickly.

I have tried to calculate the cost of several dinners as far as sexual and I can’t quite figure out if the first time we went to dinner is worth a blow job, the second dinner, taking a shower together, third dinner, having sex. How do you figure out the cost of a date?

I have decided that I am not ready to be sexually active just quite yet or maybe I am waiting for the right person. I have agreed to meet someone in Vegas in January but I am not holding my breath waiting for this meeting to happen. He says he will follow through but I dont know if I can believe him.

I’m starting 2013 off on the right foot by letting someone into my life and if it isn’t “him” it will be someone else. I will not wait any longer for anyone and I want to be out of here in two years and that is how long it would take before any type of relationship would be stable enough for me to make any decisions.

X Me Please

Breaking up is hard to do when you are the one being dumped but when you are the “dumper” it feels like such a weight off of your shoulders. I always felt so bad when dumping someone and I would always say “it’s me not you”, when in fact it was me and not them. They just didn’t have that zing I needed in my relationships and more likely than not it was sexual incompatibility for me.

I know, I am slutty right? I demand a healthy sex life and one that  is adventurous and I will not apologize for limiting missionary. I am not sorry I am sexually expressive or find the missionary style so damn boring. I demand a healthy sex life or my relationships just fizzle as so many have done prior to my marriage and included my marriage.

I am not over sexed I just have a healthy attitude toward sex and relationships and if dumping someone because the were a lousy kisser or lousy in bed is the first step to a happy life. Sex and money destroy a relationship so easily so why settle for something or someone who doesn’t fulfill you?

Great Sex

How many people have experienced great sex, fantastic sex, the kind of sex that you fall back covered in  sweat and panting like a dog sex?Speaking for myself I have had the best damn sex that anyone could ever experience, yes I experienced all in my own mind.

I write a blog called eroticfantasylife.com and I express every sexual dream I have. I am very open and honest but I have yet to meet a man who has made me sweaty let alone overwhelmed sexually. Many women lose sight of how it was in the beginning of their relationship. Most are filled with lots of hot, steamy sex and the relationship ends up in a puddle of lukewarm water.

Maybe I am over sexed for a female but I think of passion when I think of sex, I think of romance too. Sex is just sex without emotion and when you love someone sex is so wonderful. I cannot do one night stands and never see the person again, that just isn’t me. What I would give for an evening of hot, sweaty, sweet sex.

The Him

He’s a perfect dime, a perfect ten in my eyes, no he is not perfect but I prefer to look at the good side of him instead of the bad, and yes he is a bad boy, a very bad boy indeed. He’s got the most engaging smile and bright green eyes, he’s got a well manicured goatee which makes his lips kissable to me.

He is tall and that makes me feel safe and he is just a big kid at heart, a little boy inside that is gifted in so many ways. He’s very sensual and sexual and he has a huge sexual appetite that he can never satisfy with the right woman. He doesn’t bed a woman every night as he is to dedicated to his position in life.

I just wonder if I will ever be in his arms, am I in his dreams? Does he think about me? I wish I had answers to all these questions so I would know what direction to go in in my life. I am not on hold because of him but if he plans on being part of my life then it would be kind of nice if I knew.

Who Is He?

He is a very, compassionate young man of 17, he has no parents and lives with a step father and his wife. He is a great kid and has come to be a very good friend to me. He helps me with anything I need and he listens to me, he is not a young man of 17 intellectually and his compassion is incomparable.

He sat he with me the last few nights and hugged me while I broke down, it wasn’t sexual or sensual-it was one person comforting another-he made me something to eat, has cleaned up for me and ran errands. We are not lovers, not even close-in more like I have another son.

I do not know what I would have done without James, honestly I believe he has saved my life in many ways. I am helping him as much as I can and he is helping me tenfold. So if you think we have a sexual relationship-turn around and do not even go there and even though I am dealing with a bad situation, I try to focus on something else for a while and I write.

You fool, I will write of you, us, my fantasies and that isn’t going to change, so get a fucking grip, quit trying to make me jealous and hurt me because it isn’t going to work. I wish you all the happiness in the world what more could you possibly ask for? You are the master of your mind and if you let it wonder, it will take you into places you shouldn’t even go.

All Thumbs

All Thumbs

So how many of you enjoy foreplay as much as the dirty deed itself? Why do people let sex turn into boring and a “job”. 

Making love is something special between two people and fucking is what you do to enhance your sexual desire for one another.

That’s when you need to introduce a threesome, yes I do believe an occasional threesome can really keep a relationship lively.

I do not find anything dirty or wrong about bringing a third party into the bedroom and enjoying each other physically. People treat sex like it is something dirty and parents don’t bother to talk to their children about the subject.

I seem to be a woman that is unique in her thinking but I assure you there are plenty of women that think like me. We like to get “freaky” because we know something the younger gals do not know. We are experienced and we know how to keep our home a happy one.

I really want to be in love and I do believe it’s about to happen but if it doesn’t it doesn’t and if that is the case I swear I am going to beat the shit out of him. I really do not want to get physical with him but if I must kick his ass then so be it.