Anger Management

I think some of you can tell I have that female scorpio temper and you are so right! I do not get really pissed often because I let that shit build up inside like the piss on the bottom of the toilet seat, ya guys while you’re drawing your gf’s face in piss in the bottom of the toilet, that shit is splashing.

I do not get pleasure out of hurting anyone but then again they didn’t seem to mind hurting me now did they? I have enough evidence to back up any claims I post and people can run but they can never completely hide. I have records going back four years on a certain individual and he is so full of himself he wanted me to know who he was.

I think that is why he follows my blog, he is waiting for his picture to be posted, mon chere’ your time is coming.

I wasn’t impressed than and I am not impressed now and I admit I fell in love with a non entity for years but I recently woke up and I am cleaning out my closet. Out with the old and non useful to the new and useful and I feel nothing, I am not sad, upset or regret a single decision I have made this month.

Next month will start with a bang as well as I go on trial for a felony, ya going into my deceased dad’s home. Cops are stupid and they are lining my pockets with money from their own ignorance, thank you gentlemen. I have been trying to get this trial over for several months now and December 5th will be the finale.

Once I get on the stand and the probate judge’s statement is read it’s all over with and the prosecutor loses, dumb bitch.

Just For Me?

He stays away and makes money but has no time to spend that money, or does he? He says he wants to be with me, ya like I believe that line of crap. He has followed me online for years and lied all the way, he knows I know who he is yet he still hides like a little boy. I have become his “friend”. 

He reads everything I post because it appears that I am the only “real” person in his life. He sits back and laughs, feels sorry for me and I piss him off. I enjoy pissing him off because he deserves it for all that he has done. He thinks I wait for him, ya just like I’m waiting for a serious case of diarrhea while shopping.

It must be nice to sit back and read about my life and say you want to marry me, like that will NEVER happen. I do not envy him nor do I wish to live his lifestyle. Many would love to be wealthy and famous as he is but I find that to be useless and shallow. He is neither but sometimes people need a swift kick in the behind.

I have my faults but I have some damn good virtues and he doesn’t have a place in my life and he is slipping out of my heart as well. He has watched me suffer yet offers not one word of support. I get more support out of an over bleached bra then I do him and just like that bra, he is being trashed.

You can give for only so long and when you get nothing in return it’s time to pack it and ship it, to let’s say fucking Chile. So go your own way and forget me as I am forgetting you. You are a scammer and always will be, how sickening is that? You stole from me and my children you fuck.


Why is it somebody else always did it or nobody knows who did it? That happens every day in my house. Nobody knows shit and somebody that doesn’t even live here did it of course. Kids, they make us crazy.

Things disappear like they grew fucking legs and just walked off, never to be found for another six months, like the phone. I have 5 phones on the same line and don’t you know one of them is missing and off the hook.

I have more phones then you can imagine but can never seem to find one when I need it. It’s like that infamous sox thief, you put a pair in washer and dryer and only one comes out, wtf? Then there is the dishwasher, it evidently will load itself, that’s only after the plates and cups walk themselves from the living room table to the kitchen.

I really wish I could film all of these miraculous things because I would love to post them on youtube for all kids to see as well as parents-yes you are gulty too!

Just Say It Already

Have you ever gotten pissed because someone put the toilet paper on backwards? Left a glob of toothpaste in the sink? Didn’t flush the toilet or left their clothes on the bathroom floor? These are fighting words for so many.

People let things build up and then they blow up over stupid shit. This is where the lack of communication comes in. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand a lot of people hold their resentment in and blow up over stupid shit.

So what if the toilet is put on backwards, don’t get pissed of over it just make it plain and clear to the other person what annoys you. Yes, this can backfire and they can use it against you to piss you off just because they know they can.

I started a new campaign around my house and my new slogan is ” pick it or pitch it” which means pick your shit up or I throw it away. I don’t care if it’s clothes, shoes, games, computers whatever it goes in the trash.

My son found his geometry book in the trash and acted like I had committed some terrible injustice. He has been banned from using tableware because he won’t put his dishes in the dishwasher, now he has paper plates, cups, bowls and plastic ware he can pitch.

So we need to talk more, bitch less and appreciate each other for a change.




Kick Em

Why are people such users and take advantage of people when they are down? How can people live with themselves stealing from the elderly, sick and people in bad situations? What has happened to this world I once knew?

The night after my son tried to commit suicide I was a total mess, completely scattered and had a difficult time processing things that were going on around me. This guy that was supposed to do work for me, well I found him in my house when I got back from the hospital.

I had forgotten to close and lock the door next to my garage, that door is a separate entrance into my basement. He was in my house stealing and I didn’t even know it, he stole my sons computer, sony headphones, my reader and I do not know what else.

He stole my brand new opera gloves three pairs and my white corset. I am so pissed I could choke him to death. Who is this piece of shit anyway? Someone I thought was going to be a good referral until he never showed up on time, like hours late or he didn’t show up at all-I knew then he had to go.

He’s telling the police we had an agreement, bullshit he says we had a verbal agreement. Ya, we had a verbal agreement that he would give me a written estimate. The guy thought I would pay him 700.00 to install two rooms of carpeting, that isn’t including the carpeting.

If I would have seen the estimate at the beginning I would have blown him off. He isn’t capable of writing up an estimate. The guy has no business sense at all, and then my son tells me the guy makes his living by collecting scrap and selling it.

This guy is suppose to be like a handyman the only think he’s handy for is removing property without consent, it’s called stealing and I’m seeing about getting him for breaking and entering. Why do I always attract the trash of the world?

The bad thing about being bipolar is I keep it together during an emergency and do what needs to be done and then I fall to pieces after the emergency is taken care of. When my son tried to commit suicide I was literally scattered for a week.

I couldn’t think straight or deal with anything else as my son was my primary concern. I was back and forth to the hospital and mentally and physically exhausted. I wasn’t paying attention to items missing and didn’t even know they were missing from the house until yesterday when I brought Ryan home.

This is not going to be something I let go, no way I am going to get this jerk prosecuted and if he doesn’t return everything I will see that he burns and sits in jail for a while. I do not care anymore he screwed me so it’s time for me to drill him.

Fakes And Phonies

I read some of the blogs posted and it cracks me up as I know they are men writing pretending to be women, they pretend to live in let’s say England when they really are in Texas. What’s the point of writing a blog when you  aren’t honest with anyone including themself. 

A certain blogger believes I am writing about them because the initials I have been using are the same. Arrogant? Ignorant? Unsure of themselves, feeling guilty? I have no clue but if they feel I am writing specifically about them, then they should no longer read my blog. I could give a fuck about anyone elses life at the moment as my plate is overflowing.

As most of you know I have an online stalker, he has already located me on a dating site and I have no idea how to shake this dude. He needs to concentrate on his gf and be honest about his fetish for me. How can you build a relationship with someone when you  are attracted to someone else.

Isn’t it interesting that men do shit like that behind their wives and gf backs? How many of you think you know your significant other? Don’t fool yourselves because you do not know that person like you think you do. Proof is in a divorce, that is when you see the real person and what they are capable of.

I went to the cemetery this morning and bitched out Bob, I must have looked like a lunatic as I ranted and raved and kicked at his grave. It’s odd how I think he is alive still at times and how angry I am at him and want to slap the shit out of him. He babied the kids and did everything for them and I mean everything.

Not allowing your kids to grow up really hurts them later in life, like right the fuck now in high school. My husband’s mother always babied Bob’s brother because he was asthmatic and Bob had to do cut the grass ect. because his brother could not. Bob was never shown any affection as a child and he raised our kids the same way.

My husband only hugged be several times during our 18 yr. marriage, he wasn’t affectionate at all so to make up for that he bought the kids everything they wanted and did everything for them. He was a quit gregarious guy, people loved him and yes he could charm the panties off a nun and my son has the same charm.

My husband turned our entire town against me when we were getting divorced, that is how small this town is, the cops were ticketing me for no reason, seriously now that is plain fucked up but a small town people talk and the story always gets bigger and better as it is passed on.

All because of Bob my neighbors are cold as ice to me even to this day. I am not a hunter but I do believe if you can’t shoot a dear, hell shoot your neighbor. I know, shitty attitude but the guy is a moron, seriously gives me the creeps and I never wanted my children alone with him because he is creepy, like bad creepy.

I recorded Titanic blood and steel, I think it’s about the building of the Titanic and what the men went through. It’s a several hour series and it looks so interesting. I know most of you think how boring it would be to sit and watch that but hey, I like history, I like learning so I’m a geek but I’m a damn cool geek, just ask my son’s “friends”.


My Fish

Well, I do believe I have caught the eye of my first scammer, how boring as the games do not keep me entertained.

No doubt it is my stalker and if it isn’t well he finally has competition. The scamming game is so routine, same shit different day. I already know how this is going to go so I deleted him from my yahoo and blocking him on the dating site. 

I will meet the right person in the right day and time and I am not in any hurry and just let life happen as it should. The profiles without pics are usually a real let down when you get the pic and that makes me feel bad because I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. When I am attracted, it’s instant and consuming, that has yet to happen.

Hoe Do You

Are you the type that is in love with two people? One you have access to and the other you are afraid to approach? You are always thinking of the one that is taboo to you, yet you are also happy with the one you are with? Quite a mess you have yourself in wouldn’t you say?

So what do you do? Who do you go to and should you ever meet the one in your fantasy’s? Why are you afraid to meet her? Is it because you know once you do you will never be able to leave her? You know she has that much control over you and you are scared shitless of her, aren’t you?

You have many happy moments with the one you are currently with but you cannot get the other one out of your thoughts and you even think of her when you are poking your gf. Now doesn’t that make you feel like shit? I sure would hope so, so what is your games plan this time Sherlock?

Do you think she is sitting waiting for you? Please do not be that foolish as she waits for no one and lives each day as it comes and if she meets someone new that is great. You do realize her kids will be gone in two years and she will be gone then, so will you miss her? Will you try to snatch her up before someone else does?

I’m sure you know that she will not tolerate another women in your relationship and you also realize she wants you to get it out of your system before you come to her, that’s if you have any plans of meeting her. I can tell you one of the biggest mistakes of your life is not meeting her, trust me you will regret it the rest of your life.

Is There?

I have always wondered if two people can meet and fall absolutely head over heels in love in a week? Does that shit really happen or have I watched to many movies in my time? I have this feeling I a may be headed into a relationship that is labeled as above.

To be honest, I have no clue how I would answer the question if someone wanted to marry me that quickly. I do not know what to think seriously but I do not think I would say no, but possibly yes but want an adequate time period to really see if what we feel is more than lust.

I have the type of personality that men fall in love with instantly or they hate me as quickly, the ones that hate me are the ones that have acted like an asshole and I just had to tell him. I do have problems with men, they fall head over heels in love with me and I have not an idea why.

I am not kidding, men just love the shit out of me and yes it can be fun but also quite annoying. I have story upon story of men hitting on me and even a good friend of mine, her husband tried to dry fuck me anal in his kitchen.

Like I told her? No fucking way, if she didn’t know that he fucked around I sure wasn’t going to be the daily gazette. He was an asshole to and repulsive as if I would even think about picking my teeth with that bone, no way.

They are the typical married couple, do not talk, go out or do anything together, she stays drunk and he stays in the garage, lovely. Not my type of marriage but I can so relate but will never settle for less again because you know what? I do not fucking have to that’s right, no I do not.

I am thinking it might be the blind leading the blind here, who knows we may find each other to be quite helpful in finding ourselves, who knows but if nothing else it will be fun and interesting and I am looking forward to it, yes I am scared but hey that never stopped me before.