The shower is running and the steam is rolling from the room, you step under the water and it runs down your body but I am nowhere to be found. I want to wash you, kiss you, hold you and comfort you. It is our time soon enough if we hold on and keep the faith, the love that surrounds us is precious and unusual.


We can try to deny the truth of our connection for only so long and then the man steps in and makes it happen. We walk hand in hand as the mist parts for us to have free passage. This is our life, this is our destiny and this is the place we belong but for only so long because we will be one in time.

Do not turn your back, do not close the door, do not run into the dark and stay out of the shadows. I will always protect you, I will always hold you dear to me and I will always be yours and yours alone. I tried to replace you but you have become my restrictor plate, you hold me tight and you push away the others.

You are a lover and you are a dreamer as I, do not deny it because we both know it’s true that you belong to me and I belong to you and you can run but I have a tight hold so do not jump off the cliff of denial because I am attached to your heart and you are attached to mine.