King Me

I finally got the boys to take the queen size mattress up to James room and put my bed together. I love a king size mattress and I got a real firm mattress this time. I put on the new mattress pad and clean sheets and then I went and stood under the shower and then decided to take a bath.

I enjoyed a bath and when I was through I dried off and walked naked with dripping wet hair to the side of my bed. I sat there for a moment and thought what great pictures I could be taking. I thought of him touching me and I laid back on the bed with my legs spread and dangling over the side of the bed.

I cannot close my eyes in bed and not think of him and all I could think of was him standing between my knees and bending over to kiss my breasts. I positioned myself in the center of my bed and laid there naked and uncovered and enjoying the feeling of downy sheets under my ass.

I grabbed the comforter and covered myself as I was getting cold and I thought of us lying in a spoon position and just relaxing. We were talking softly and he began to stroke my nipple which excited me. We made love slowly and passionately which was so romantic and exciting.

Then of course my fantasy was shattered by Ryan wanting me to make him Tres Leche, that kid and that cake are making me crazy. He doesn’t want to help around here why should I do anything for him? 

Fault Is Mine

I have some faults that I really need to get rid of:

I smoke

I love to swear and saying fuck is my favorite word

I like to get greasy and dirty

I like to smell like horse

I like bubble baths

I like clean sheets and feather pillows

I like naughty men

I like kinky sex

I like romance

I like kissing alot

I like making people laugh

I like helping others

I like being right, lol

I like you and you and you too

And this post took on a life of it’s own