Soo Sneaky

Some people are so damn sneaky and some even hack your computer and add tags to posts so they can refer to them later. I am not keen on this shit one bit and I know more than some people give me credit for. It took me a long time to realize what was going on, on my own computer but I know everytime someone is reading my mail, adding tags, ect.

You won’t meet me you fuck but you will follow me online and hack my computer as if it some kind of twisted game. Creepin’ on me is so weird and that’s probably why you won’t meet me, because you are embarrassed of doing these unsavory deeds to me. In spite of you I am seeking out the happiness I so greatly deserve and yes I am losing weight and working damn hard at it.

By spring I will be looking damn good and no I do not wait for you, you arrogant fuck, you sneaky fuck and you are just a fuck! You cannot handle a woman like me and never will so move along little doggie, move along. I am a strong independent woman who doesn’t need your attention, affection or money so go buy some cheap bitch because you can impress them.

Nice conversations we have now aren’t they? You  are so desperate in wanting to know what is going on in my life that you pull out all stops to chat with me. What a joke the conversation was about you  dancing, lmao what a joke as if I would believe you were a woman. Forget me because I am forgetting you and your childish behavior and why don’t you spend some of your money on a shrink???

The Spy In You

Why do people spy on each other? They watch every move you make in life and on line, they read personal blogs and look at the same old pictures over and over. They even go as far as contacting you under fake fb names and use pics from google images.

They will play up to you and pretend they are someone else, why? Is it a touch of insecurity? Lack of control over a person or situation? People just torture themselves when they spy on others because there isn’t a thing they can do about what the other person is doing.

Do they spy because they do not have what it takes to meet the person face to face? Are they fearful of rejection? Did they ever stop to think instead of being the player they are being played? Do they think they have gone unobserved?

It must be a very sad and lonely life someone lives when they live from day to day to spy on me, it’s there choice not to be with me and I am not waiting. When you spy on someone you read or see things that will hurt you very deeply and show the lack of respect for you.

I never spied on my husband but boy did he love to spy on me and I never did anything worth knowing about, really I am not a cheater and never will be. That is me and others live their lives differently for their own reasons and it’s not for me to judge their lives.

I think it’s a bit twisted to spy because we are adults and the choices you make in life are your own and if you prefer to spy then so be it. It must be a very sad state of affairs your life is in if you choose to spy because I would never do that to you.