No Road

More likely than not you will meet a scammer online and hopefully you do not start to get feelings for this person. They tell you lies and say how much they love you and want to marry you, all crap and lies. It isn’t fair for them to say those things but they do not care as long as they get your cash.

I cannot figure out why my scammer keeps in touch with me when he knows there is no money here for him. Does he love me? Absolutely not, I am nothing more than a very business man’s entertainment and touch with life through a real person’s life. There are no expensive houses or cars here and no extra money for a cheap vacation.

The only thing I have wanted besides my puppies is to meet this man. I just want to meet him, not to turn him into the cops but there are things I would like to know. Not about the scamming I know all about that but why he continues to follow me online and what is it he wants from me. 

I would like just an hour of his precious time and then he could go on his merry way and we can forget about each other or start a fantastic friendship. You can read every word  a person writes but unless you meet them you really do not know them because words without expression do not express the emotions of another.

We are never going to meet and I know longer call him and he doesn’t return my calls. He obviously wants me out of his life so I have accommodated him but he refuses to do the same for me. I want him to be happy but he doesn’t appear to care if I am happy or not but then again how would I ever know, all I have to go on are his actions or lack of them.