So many people want to meet the rich and famous but me the only person I would like to meet is Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. This man has done something that no other Dr. has been able or willing to do. He has taken stem cells from his patients in need and has been able to give them new trachias, now that is a man who has my attention, he has my interest and my admiration.

It is people like this that impress me the most because they are saving people one patient at a time. Almost everyone in my family are nurses except me because I cannot handle watching anyone or anything suffer. I actually take on their pain and suffering and it isn’t something I want to do but do just the same. I am to empathetic and cannot stand to see anyone in pain yet I cannot help put them out of their misery.

If you are one of those people who others want to meet because you are famous or rich take a step back and ask yourself what can you do to help others? What can you give from your heart that will help another? In the main stream of life is your fame or fortune really that important or is the person you are more important and what you can give? It’s not a crime to be rich and or famous but we must remember to keep ourselves in check when we believe we are entitled.

I would prefer to spend an hour with Dr. Macciarini than to spend a lifetime with someone who is famous or rich and is stuck on themselves. Medicine has always had my interest and at one time I wanted to be a Dr. but new that dream could never be reached and I gave up my hope on that dream. I do not know where my life is headed but I have so much to give and one day, yes one day someone is going to cherish what I have to offer.


It’s so important to feel special and all of us need that one person that makes us feel that way. We can date and enjoy the person we are with but if they do not make us feel something more than there is nothing that is going to change that. We can enjoy spending time with another and enjoy the laughter and the sex but if you do not feel special then you have nothing.

I want to feel special and I want to know that I have a profound effect on that person. You know when you mean something more than a good time to someone as they just “get” you. They understand you and when they don’t they go the extra mile to understand.

What really hurts is when someone is special to you but you are not special to them. That type of relationship will not last and all it is something that is a filler of our time. We spend time with them because they are a good time and the sex well there’s always that need for sex now isn’t there?

When you set all aside and you look in your heart and you find it holds nothing for the other person then you need to make it clear that it nothing but a good time going nowhere. We need to be with the one that attracts us so we can find out if they are the great love of our life.

Of Age

I have been told to act my age, well what the fuck is that suppose to mean anyway? Because I’m 52 years old I am suppose sit back in a rocker and watch the neighborhood children play? Fuck that shit, I want to play yes I want to continue to play in the rain.

I am one that loves to be silly, stupid, funny, outrageous and creative as hell. I do not need some asswipe to tell me to act my age. Because I do not act like I have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel does not mean I am not acting my age.

Don’t let life pass you by because you feel you are “too old” to act on or act out your emotions. Let me walk naked through the streets painted in fluorescent 

I am not to damn old and of course I am no longer limber but that is ok, let me do flips in a corporate meeting or hand my co-worker a new vibrator and cock ring for their birthday. Being outrageous is what I do best and I enjoy the hell out of myself doing it to.

With age does come wisdom and I have turned love making into a song, the rain into wind and the soil into a tree. I am of different and unique, the undesirable and punished and the hope of the world. That is what age does to you. You can see the colors of the rainbow very clearly and you can act upon them without fear of rejection.