Instant Karma

I have found most people believe in Karma and John Lennon was a very spiritual man searching for his own peace through discovering the richness of different religions and beliefs. John knew he would come to a violent end of life and he did.

I am very spiritual and have great faith in  Karma and I believe I have paid at least a small portion of my own Karma. Karma gives us an opportunity to correct wrongs we have committed and that includes our previous life. I believe I had a prior life and my dad told me he thought I was an attorney in a different life.

This could be very true as I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to the law. I have had a lot of interaction with attorneys so who knows, maybe I’m a fast learner or I really was an attorney. Karma isn’t a bad thing at all because we learn and learning is important to growing and changing our lives.

Karma can bring many great things into our lives as well and it is a taker but also a giver. The world would be a better place if people would believe the world can be a better place and we can change it. I like being a free thinker and believing in Karma, spirituality, God and a high power.

Karma can and does bring people together, there are certain people that absolutely belong together without question. Karma helps bring these souls together to form one and anyone that thinks otherwise might want to rethink that narrow point of view.