Hurting Place

Try as we do we cannot stop love from reaching a hopeless place that is a hurting place. We carry our hearts on our sleeve and someone comes along and squashed those good feelings. Letting go into a drowning pool is what it feels like for me and the seaweed wraps itself around my legs pulling me further down.

Is it a hopeless place we go  for so long or is it our own minds that place us there? Does love and the loss of it take us to the box with no lid, does it take us to the shower with no water? Dealing with loss of love is very difficult and painful to the heart for so many of us and we look at ourselves like fools gold.



Give Me

You say you love me and we are soulmates, then show me you love me, want me, to be with me. Show me you care, show me something because I need something to believe in again, something to hold on to again. I love you so much and you know it but you do nothing but work, working yourself sick you are.

I had this naughty little fantasy about you and I cooking in the nude, we were surrounded by fruits and vegetables and you bent over and oops I dropped a carrot up your ass. Anyway this isn’t the blog to  post details about how my naughty little mind and tongue works but we had fun with all sorts of foods.

See, what you do to me, you make me think thoughts that make me crazy and it isn’t fair, no fair at all. I do hope if we ever do you meet you have eaten your post toasties, cheerios and wheaties because I am going to tear your latino ass up, you hear me? Ya, you sit back and laugh, we will see who is the last one laughing mr.

So do something wonderful for my birthday will you? No, calling isn’t what I am referring to I am talking about something really exciting and kinky, fun and crazy. Come on show me your wild side, some may think you a shy boy but get past that and you are a wild one that hasn’t met your match face to face.


Not everyone has a soulmate, soulmates are brought together by a power stronger than any of us. You can meet your soulmate anywhere at anytime and you don’t always instantly know when you have met that person. Soulmates have an unspoken connection that cannot be described.

You may be very attractive and your soulmate is not attractive to you or others at all but you find something so interesting and mysterious about that one person that constantly attracts you. You may never have met your soulmate but you know there is a connection stronger than anything you have ever felt.

Soulmates, in my opinion are brought together for a special purpose, they have power individually but together they are stronger and more powerful. Soulmates are constantly thinking of each other and no it’s not the same way people in love think of one another.

Soulmates do not look at love the way others do because what they have is a connection deeper than the bone, it goes to the marrow. Nothing can destroy a soulmate connection and they do not have wondering eyes as the pull to their mate is to strong and they fit together like a hand and glove.

When you  are so attracted to someone you want to be with them every minute of every day and the attraction is so, so deep and not like any relationship you have ever had you know you have met your soulmate. Sometimes we meet out soulmate at a young age and sometimes we do not meet them until we are older.

The way I see soulmates is two people who have a “mission” that can only be completed by these two individuals. They change the world in a special way, may it be big or small they make the change happen. These people have such an attraction to each other they can not walk away from each other.

To Find

To find my


Falling apart

To find my


So full of


I love to


It’s something

I just can’t 


A love so honest

And so 


It could only

Be you 

And me

I live in a


Just you and 

Me it may 


But it’s

All a lie

Even though

I may try

To keep 

What I feel


You do not

Want me

And if you 


You would be

With me

For life

And I would

Be your wife

Loveing Arms

Loveing Arms

I can’t wait to feel his strong arms around me and holding me tight, yes I am so looking forward to this time away and just spending time with a man. I so do love men and always have as I find men to be quite interesting in many ways.

I am truly amazed by the perseverance that my stalker has and wow is he ever persistent. He is romantic in a very unique way or maybe it’s just unique to me. I do not remember being romanced as he is doing, no this is definitely unique and I’m loving it.

I have been pissed for so long at all the bullshit but now it’s all falling into place and making sense to me. He is so damn nice, nice as in a person should be but they are rare finds these days for sure. I am so looking forward to the caresses and kisses, the get to know you touches and those deep gazes into each other’s eyes.

Yes I am aware that my dreams are something he wants to make a reality for me and I think that is just crazy but that’s why I love him, he’s silly like I am and I really like that about him, he is so romantic and highly sexed which is something that fucking rocks!