The Swing Set

When I was growing up I lived on my grandparents farm and they lived off of the land going into town only for items such as toilet paper or possibly laundry detergent. My grandmother probably made her own laundry soap I do not remember but I do know that my grandparents butchered their own meat and grew their own fruits and veggies. My grandmother used to  chop the heads off of the chickens and then she would pull out all of their guts and then submerge them in a huge container of boiling water.

She would build a fire and put the metal container on to boil and then she would dunk the chickens in the water to make plucking their feathers so much easier. I can remember her cutting of their heads and hanging them from the cross bars on the swing set to drain their blood. I loved being raised on a farm and going into the garden to snatch a fresh tomato or two and take bites of the juicy fruit and letting the juice run down my chin. Most women of today would be seriously grossed out if they had to see a dead chicken let alone a dead chicken with no head.

I think raising children on a farm teaches them so much that can not be taught in the city and the love of the land is something that is special and unique. There is nothing that smells better than a handful of the earth and I have been  very fortunate to grow up with the land being my leader. I love the smell of a barn and horse and cow manure excites me not gross me out because I love the farm and the animals that make up a farm. There is something special about a farm and you really appreciate it more if you grew up on a farm.

I would love nothing more than to retire to a farm and enjoy what comes with farming and believe me I wouldn’t miss the city a single bit. I am quite content with watching the grass grow and watching Gabe and Mike run free in the field behind my house. I would give up everything to go back to the days when I was just a young child living off of the land and happiness came in the shape of a home made apple pie or fried chicken and biscuits. How I miss those days so much and long to go back to those days.