The Pissed Telemarketer

Several years before we could block telemarketers I used to get a ton of calls. This one day I was sick of answering the phone only to find out it was another telemarketer. She made the mistake of asking for my husband so I said to her “he went out a week ago for bread and milk and he hasn’t come back yet, do you think I should go get the bread and milk myself?”.

The funny thing was the way she responded “that son of a bitch” lol, and she told me how sorry she was for me. I thanked her and hung up and laughed so hard I peed my pants. I would never want to be a telemarketer but I do have to say I did enjoy that call and it still gives me a huge laugh today.

It was so spontaneous that I was very convincing and obviously she believed me because she was really pissed for me. It’s nice to know that people really do care about each other and there are still some very good people left in this crazy world we live in. I bet she had something to tell her husband when she got home, lol.

To Many Minnows

I have realized that online dating is to much damn work, first you meet them, then you check them out to find out they are liars. How do I check them out? I have my ways believe me and I do not take anything they say at face value. They will give you their phone number which is for example spring tx and they say they live in let’s say fort meyers fl.

When you do a trace the phone number is located in texas, but their ip address is located in say ireland or luxenburg. That is kind of a dead in your lap clue if there ever was. Check the email address too, found nothing under that name and everyone has something on the net about them under their email.

So here I am holding my dick in  my hands wondering if I am ever going to meet a real live person that isn’t a scammer.