B.S. Blogger

You can always tell when you are dealing with a b.s. blogger, someone who posts nothing but lies and act like they are british and live right here in Texas. Some bloggers are just full of crap and write for some twisted reason. Frankly, I don’t care about your ugly ass kitchen you just redid.

I do not care about your fake relationships and if they are real the two of you are a perfect match. I cannot stand reading blogs from fake people with fake stories and I think they are a bit touched to begin with. If you are a b.s. blogger get a fucking life and take your b.s. posts and cram them.

Fakes And Phonies

I read some of the blogs posted and it cracks me up as I know they are men writing pretending to be women, they pretend to live in let’s say England when they really are in Texas. What’s the point of writing a blog when you  aren’t honest with anyone including themself. 

A certain blogger believes I am writing about them because the initials I have been using are the same. Arrogant? Ignorant? Unsure of themselves, feeling guilty? I have no clue but if they feel I am writing specifically about them, then they should no longer read my blog. I could give a fuck about anyone elses life at the moment as my plate is overflowing.

As most of you know I have an online stalker, he has already located me on a dating site and I have no idea how to shake this dude. He needs to concentrate on his gf and be honest about his fetish for me. How can you build a relationship with someone when you  are attracted to someone else.

Isn’t it interesting that men do shit like that behind their wives and gf backs? How many of you think you know your significant other? Don’t fool yourselves because you do not know that person like you think you do. Proof is in a divorce, that is when you see the real person and what they are capable of.

I went to the cemetery this morning and bitched out Bob, I must have looked like a lunatic as I ranted and raved and kicked at his grave. It’s odd how I think he is alive still at times and how angry I am at him and want to slap the shit out of him. He babied the kids and did everything for them and I mean everything.

Not allowing your kids to grow up really hurts them later in life, like right the fuck now in high school. My husband’s mother always babied Bob’s brother because he was asthmatic and Bob had to do cut the grass ect. because his brother could not. Bob was never shown any affection as a child and he raised our kids the same way.

My husband only hugged be several times during our 18 yr. marriage, he wasn’t affectionate at all so to make up for that he bought the kids everything they wanted and did everything for them. He was a quit gregarious guy, people loved him and yes he could charm the panties off a nun and my son has the same charm.

My husband turned our entire town against me when we were getting divorced, that is how small this town is, the cops were ticketing me for no reason, seriously now that is plain fucked up but a small town people talk and the story always gets bigger and better as it is passed on.

All because of Bob my neighbors are cold as ice to me even to this day. I am not a hunter but I do believe if you can’t shoot a dear, hell shoot your neighbor. I know, shitty attitude but the guy is a moron, seriously gives me the creeps and I never wanted my children alone with him because he is creepy, like bad creepy.

I recorded Titanic blood and steel, I think it’s about the building of the Titanic and what the men went through. It’s a several hour series and it looks so interesting. I know most of you think how boring it would be to sit and watch that but hey, I like history, I like learning so I’m a geek but I’m a damn cool geek, just ask my son’s “friends”.


One Moment

One Moment

It only takes a moment to change your life it could be while you are talking on the cell and driving or texting while driving. It could be sitting on your back porch and the phone delivers that moment, it could be in the middle of the night.

What do all of these have in common? A moment in time that can change your life from the car accident that kills you to the birthing pains of your first child. Life is a string of endless moments that are brought on by pain or joy and fillers in between.

We search for what we can never find because what is to be ours comes to us when it is time and not a moment before. We get caught up in wanting, wanting it all now without working or waiting some of us are dreamers, the great dreamers of this world.

Without a dream you have nothing to strive for, reach for and pray for, without that moment that changes our lives we can never experience the sadness or happiness that is ours and we cannot learn and grow as we should.

Do you have the power to make someone’s moment in time change? Do you think it is within you and only comes from you? Do you not believe that the higher power places within your grasp the ability to change another’s life?

We are forever changing and growing, we teach we learn and it is not of our own making so do not fool yourself into thinking you are God Almighty. He has a master plan for each and everyone of us and he plants a seed that grows and shares it’s entire life through us.

As a child I would skip stones across the creek, as an adolescent I learned to stand on my own two feet, as a teen I shared my body with another and in my age I eventually gave birth.

These are defining moments in my life and I have seen much adversity but I thank God for giving me the strength to make it through another lonely day, another sad moment, another day in jail. The moment that stays with me is my husband’s death.

There is few relationships we have in our life that gives us meaning and losing a spouse no matter how the relationship was, it still has an impact that never really leaves us. I think of him less and less and I open my heart to another to give me what I didn’t have in my marriage.

It will be that moment, that very special moment that defines my future.

Looking Beyond

I looked beyond the sunset

I looked beyond the sea

I looked beyond tomorrow

I looked beyond you and me

I saw the light of love

I saw the ocean of blue

I saw a piece of me

I saw a piece of you

I could hear the quiet whisper

Of a powerful man you see

He said my dear child

Love will soon be

Holding you closely

Giving you laughter

And giving you fun

Look beyond today my child

As what you dream is surely

To come