Meaty Carcass

The smallest turkey was huge for my little family of four, I have turkey coming out of my ears and I still cannot throw awau the turkey carcass. I am boiling it right now and the meat will eventually fall off of it and I will have a delicious blend of turkey juices and poultry. This is perfect for soups, turkey pot pie, turkey Tetrazzini and turkey and noodles.

I take this and freeze it in several bags so I have the juices and turkey already for another meal. If you have never made turkey Tetrazzini look up the chicken Tetrazzini recipe and substitute the chicken. It is really good and impressive too, lol and it tastes great. Some people refuse to eat left overs but in this house you eat what is here.

A homemade meal is no longer easy to come by but in my house you will always be served a homemade meal. I have frozen crap in the freezer as well but I prefer the homemade meal. I think most people feel that way and kids, well most kids survive on fast food and they flip over a real meal.

The worse part of any meal for me is doing the dishes, it isn’t fair that I slave over a hot stove and have to do the dishes as well. I think if you cook someone else should do the dishes and put them away. Being stuck preparing the meal and cleaning up afterwards isn’t right and I think it is selfish.

Leg For One

I have to put Turkey Tom into the sink of cold water so he will thaw properly. People leave their turkey out on the counter to that which is a terrible way. Fridge or potable water, potable water is clean water, I know that is common sense but you never know how many people will thaw out on the counter top.

Thanksgiving always ends up cracking me up because I know there will be quite a few necks and gizzards cooked in their own bag inside of that bird. People do not know to feel inside that bird for those food items, I boil them for the cat or dog but Bob used to like to eat the neck, my great grandmother did the same thing with chicken.

I have a nice size bird which is actually stupid of me because I will set the table for one and pull out this beautifully cooked bird and wonderful dinner and I will no doubt fill my plate and look at three empty chairs and I will burst out in tears and push my plate away. Damn, I miss my family so much and holidays makes it even tougher

I could go out to eat but that just isn’t Thanksgiving for me, I like the visual and the smells and  I really miss my conversations with different family members and it gets so damn lonely. I push the sadness out of my mind and try to find a movie to watch, I prefer movies because they have no commercials and I like action movies.

It will probably rain on Thanksgiving which will make it so much worse because I love to lie in bed when it is raining and I wish “C” was going to be here but he can’t.