The Meeters

He contacted me online yesterday, said he was my soul mate and I began to think how he is more attractive to me the older he gets and he look like such a playful type of man, a man who is so much more a kid then a man in many ways. Ways that make life so fun, so crazy and silly.

How can I love this man so much and I have never met him? How can I think of nobody else but him all day? Why do I think of him when I am really sad and lonely? He is my rock as I have no one else but to be honest I really wouldn’t want anyone else to be that important to me.

He holds a place in my heart that no one has ever held and he means the world to me just as he is, no I do not want him to change a thing about himself as he is perfect just the way he is. He makes me laugh and he keeps me smiling when I need to the most, he’s a silly, crazy kind of person with a good heart.

I wish he would  do something special for my birthday like take me out to dinner, show himself for once and really be there for me for a change but I know that isn’t going to happen even though I will wish for that time to happen, even though I already know I will be letdown.