Treading Water

He’s got me treading water in the middle of the lake, will he come and save me or let me drown? Where is he when I need him the most? No where to be found so how long should I continue to tread? I cry for him does he care?

I hold onto him for life for breath for love but none is fourth coming as I sit here night after night. It’s a lonely existence as I tread water. Does he watch with interest or does he ignore my cries? He ignores those cries as my head goes under.


He walks out the door without giving me a second thought as he has his ipad packed for his next trip. He lies to me over and over as if I do not know, as if I am a fool that buys his lies. He isn’t with me so who is he with? 

It doesn’t matter does it, as long as he is with someone else, he is never with me. Should I cry? Should I walk away, should I just wait? No, I cannot wait for waiting is what has hurt me so badly as I sit here wondering where is my best friend.

The Weeping Willow

Do you ever daydream? I daydream a lot and I was lost in a daydream awhile ago, it was a beautiful daydream as I walked gingerly around the weeping willow which hung over the water’s edge. She was a beautiful tree as I touched her trunk and walked around her wearing my white flowing nightgown.

I put my toes into the water and then slipped the rest of my feet in the cool, refreshing water. I stood in the water up to my knees and pulled up my nightgown and removed it from my body. My nakedness welcomed the feel of the refreshing water as I walked deeper and deeper until I was up to my neck.

A  dashing fortyish young gentleman was picking up my nightgown and then looking at the water until he spotted me. I felt shivers run up my spine as I watched him disrobe and come into the water as well. He swan towards me and landed in front of me and kindly said “hello”, he grabbed me and kissed me like he had known me for years.

Our bodies introduced themselves in a very sensual way and his hardness was pressed up against pelvis. I put my legs around his waist and he slowly entered me and made love to me under the moon light. It felt great to be wanted again and to have a man in my arms and inside of me.

We swam back to shore and I laid my head on his chest as he laid on the ground. I felt asleep in the most peculiar way, with his heart beating in my ear. Such an unfamiliar sound to me as I have not been with a man in years, literally even though the sound was foreign it was soothing and welcoming at the same time.

I was shaken out of my daydream and I was really enjoying it to. P.S. isn’t that a beautiful Monet?