Home Gold

I have been putting all of my books on amazon along with old videos, games, clothes ect. I need to get rid of all this junk so why not make money?? I put up about 125 items so far and every day another item is being sold.

Maybe I will have enough money to buy some nice presents this year but first, I am buying myself two presents. They are brothers, miniature yorkie puppies, I get them Wednesday and I am so damn happy about it I could just shit.

I can live through anything if I have my pets and Khloe Kitty is a riot but my puppies, I need my dogs. I am so happy I can’t wait to get those furry little faces between my boobs, like a man. lol-

I would rather have a puppy then a man any day but I do have a use for a man, several in fact. I am so bad but I love it…………