The Weight

I have had weight problems since I was in high school and I finally lost it when I graduated. I was able to control my weight until I broke my knee and could no longer work out. I had several knee surgery’s over several years and when I first broke my kneecap I had the cast on two days and my leg swelled up twice the size.

I was allergic to the casting material so they cut the cast in half to get it off and then wrap by leg in an ace bandage and used another bandage to get it on. It was a terribly painful ordeal and caused me so many problems. The weight of course piled back on and the older I get the harder it is to get rid of it.

I have seriously thought about getting the lap band, lipo suction and wiring my jaw shut and then I started to think about my neighbor, big Rick. He has the lap band and he lost a lot of weight at first but has since put it all back on. The only safe way to lose weight is the natural way.

I have finally figured out where to meet men to, at the gym of course! You can strike up some grand friendships at the gym and maybe I can be lucky enough to meet a personal trainer that won’t charge me, lol I seriously doubt that but what the heck one must always dream now shouldn’t one?