She Won’t Stop

When I set my mind to something I generally get it or accomplish it because I focus on that thing and work damn hard to obtain it. I have lost almost 15 pounds which is huge for me because for me losing weight is so damn hard. I walk an hour in the morning and the evening and every week I see 1-2 lb. loss which makes me feel encouraged to continue. I want to lose quite a bit more weight and so I walk seven days a week.

Photo on 8-25-13 at 7.55 PM #2 Photo on 8-25-13 at 7.55 PM #3 Photo on 8-25-13 at 7.55 PM

The neighbors have started riding their bikes and Krissy across the street rides with her kids and told me that I inspired her which is the best compliment anyone could give me. I like to inspire people and I like the way I feel when I finish my walks. I walk into the house sweaty and tired but I feel so accomplished and I haven’t felt this way in a very long time.

I still eat ice cream once a week and I really splurged today and had two very small slices of pizza. My problem is I look at food and gain weight and I don’t bother eating chocolate cake anymore, instead I just rub it on my ass and thighs because that’s where it goes anyway. I don’t drink soda but on a rare occasion and I eat tons of veggies and fruits, chicken and fish.

I drink a ton of water and put it in the freezer so it gets slushy and then I can drink more of it. I have completely changed my diet and adding the walking has been the key to dropping these pounds. I haven’t tried on any jeans lately but I already have lost one and one half sizes which I cannot see when I look in the mirror but in time I will see the difference.

My boobs have gotten smaller for sure and that’s fine with me because carrying these melons is a bit much and they are still very large, lol. The good thing is I have a routine that I do not deviate from and I am so proud of myself for not stopping or cutting corners. My pedometer is a damn liar as I thought I was walking six miles a day when in fact I am only walking four but that is enough to burn off some of this blubber weekly.

At this rate in 2 1/2 months I will have lost 35 lbs. which is about 1/2 of what I want to lose and when it gets cold I will drop Ryan off at school and go work out and start lifting weights so I can get back some serious arms like I used to have. I have to be so careful because my rotor cuff got torn and I refused to have surgery and have been letting it heal naturally.

I will be one awesome lady when I reach my goal weight and I keep feeling better every day and do not mind the walks to much except when it gets so hot like it is this week. I am doing this for me, yep just for myself and my Dr. is very happy with the results from my blood work. I used to have high levels of bad stuff but those levels have gotten so much better since the diet change and the exercise.

I have come along way in two years and I am mentally and physically doing so much better and I am laughing again. I didn’t laugh for a very long time and I lost the beauty of life in all the difficulties I had been experiencing but life is beautiful once again and I am so thankful. I think the biggest think that has helped me is my writing as I am able to release so many emotions and thoughts that have weighed me down.