Winter Bite

This has been one of the roughest winters in many many years as we have had so much snow and sub zero temperatures. The windchill has kept the kids from going to school and it’s been so cold that I have had to let Gabriel and Michael go to the bathroom in the garage.

They are so small and low to the ground that I was afraid their little winkies would get frost bite. I have let them out a few times and they come in shivering so I refuse to subject them to the cold and I can always clean up after them in the garage. I know most people would think this isn’t right but it isn’t right to let them out in the cold and it’s so cold they cannot do their business without shaking.

I love my pets and I would rather see them comfortable than freezing and if all I have to do is pick up after them then so be it. My son gets on me about letting them go in the garage but he isn’t the one shaking uncontrollably. It has been so cold that the linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom of my rv cracked.

My daughter and I took a ride up to the rv to show to a prospective buyer and I was shocked when I walked in and saw the floor cracked from one end to the other. I will have to replace it as soon as it gets warm and yes I will do it myself because I know how and I can.

The guy next to me is selling his rv for just a bit more than I am selling mine so I am going to have to take a look at my pricing even though it is quite low. People want something for nothing and the jerk I showed it to today was looking for a unit with bunk beds. Why didn’t he specify that before I drove all the way up there?

I will not drive an 1 1/2 hours again until it gets warm because I need to take care of some things on the rig and why waste time when you cannot do anything but freeze your ass off? I hate the cold and I am looking at moving but not quite sure where would be the best place for me in my old age.

When The Snow Flys

I hope this winter serves me well and I have someone to wrap my arms around and keep me warm. Winter is so fun when you have someone to play in the snow with and throw snowballs at and this winter is going to be like non other.

I have lost so many including my pets in the last year and I am going to get two more min yorkies male and female the female being bigger of course to carry those babies. I miss my dogs so much and I am getting some new puppies or traveling the world one of the two.

I have a deliciously naughty secret I wish I could share with you but you know how to keep a secret a secret? Don’t tell anyone so you will just have to wait until next Tuesday because I will be busy the next several days.

I really enjoy being naughty and risqué as I find it a rush like the football player when he scores a goal. Some think I am absolutely without shame and I am outrageous, I choose to think of myself honest and straight forward.

I am quite open but there are some things I prefer not to share with others, like making out I just won’t do it in public, in fact I do not like to display any affection at all in public as I feel that should be kept between two people.

I know it makes no sense that I would have sex on the hood of a car but not kiss or make out in public. The two are not the same, not at all sex on a hood is one of those rare things that happen during a rare occasion.

I think kissing is romantic and should be private and between two people and those two people only. I am a private person and I do not care for loud, busy places no I am more the quiet dark restaurant type that likes to sit in the corner of the restaurant.

It’s hard to explain the way this time of year makes me feel, it’s like a peaceful time of year as everything is dying. I know that sounds odd but when things end new things begin and I am hoping that something wonderful and new happens to me soon.

I so wish I had someone to spend the season with and share private moments with and I know soon enough this will happen. I have never given up no I have not and I have never closed the door but yes I am guilty of trying to walk away.

I get frustrated and have no patience and the pressure and stress gets to me at times. There are times I have felt that I could not take another step or shed another tear. Those days are behind me now and I am finally ready to welcome someone into my life.