No Man Catch

Women use some shady tactics to “catch a man” but the things they should be doing they seem to forget are important. Men do not like to be tricked or manipulated anymore than a woman. Men do not find the helpless, innocent, ignorant female to be attractive no matter how pretty they may be.

Men like women that are confident, independent, senual, romantic and of course sexual. Men do not like the women that chase them and they do not like women to hang on them. Men like an intelligent woman, a woman of substance, someone who is interested in them not who or what they have.

Men love to give a woman presents but the woman who accepts every gift is a damn fool. Gifts are nice but if you do not limit the ones you accept then you are losing part of yourself. I do not want a man to think I live for his presents because I am not like that and presents should only be given on special occasions.

I like to keep communication always open because as parents, we have a responsibility to our loved ones and to ourselves and letting each other know what is going on in our lives singularly as well as collectively keeps us on the same path. A relationship that is healthy is very important to me and this man makes me happy.

I want to see him healthy and happy and I want us to always be best friends first, lovers and a couple that respect each other enough to have trust, faith and love. I have no doubt with open lines of communication we will build a foundation for our relationship that is unmovable.

Strength Of One

Why do people put others in the dog house? Why do people allow themselves to be placed in that position? Why can’t people discuss their problems instead of one making the other feel less than they are? I have always preferred to discussing our problems with my husband.

We got along very well as friends and we only had one major drag out fight during our marriage. We had little disagreements but not often and we were able to work them out. The one thing I do when I am really pissed is I refuse to talk and the silent treatment is given.

I do this because it is better for me to say nothing than to tear a person to shreds which is easy for me to do when I am boiling mad. I am silent because I am thinking about the why’s and how’s things ended up in an argument and how I can handle the situation in a calmer manner.

I never threw my husband out of the bedroom forcing him to sleep on the couch, hell he went on his own when he got mad. He had a temper that was hidden and when he let it out it was frightening, I wasn’t afraid he would hurt me but I was afraid for others that made him that mad.

I had told my husband about the abuse I had sustained as a child and how I had a boyfriend that beat me up several times. I told my husband if another man ever hit me I would kill him and my husband knew I wasn’t just talking. My husband grabbed me one time and that was once to many and I made damn sure that it never happened again.

There is always one person stronger in any relationship and I do not mean physically. I have always avoided arguments and I give in more often than not. I prefer to work out our problems instead of making someone feel less than they are and I hate going to bed angry.

I have a very strong personality but when it comes to relationships I want them to work and I will do what I have to, to make them work. I am not one that must always “win” the argument, I am the one that gives in so life can fall back into a comfortable existence.

Do You Know Me?

I am the woman who has been through more bad times than anyone I know. I am the woman who is unconventional and held her own for over 23 yrs. in the steel mill as an electrician. I am the woman who shakes it up and doesn’t tolerate injustice and I am the woman who can fix almost anything.

I am the woman who has held the hand of four family members as they died and I am the woman who everyone says is so strong. It isn’t strength that has kept me going it is a powerful force that neither you or I can see but I can feel as deeply as my first love. I am the woman who will not back down on my beliefs or trade sides because the other side looks better.

I am the woman that will back you up even if you are wrong and I am the woman who will defend your honor at all costs. I am more of a man in many ways than most men are and I will defend my honor as well as yours to the death. I am not a frilly woman and I never have been but I am sexy and very sensual, which most women my age are not.

I swear more than a truck driver and never back down when I believe I am right and if you get an apology from me then you are damn lucky because I usually am right. I do not sell my friends down the river EVER and I do not turn my back on those that need help. My friends are few but I am rich in friendship and my friends are now my family.

I am a terrible liar and if you know me then you know when I am lieing but then again I can straight-faced tell you something that is so outrageous you would believe it. I am the woman who loves a good joke especially dirty ones and I am the woman that would wipe your ass if you were to sick to and not think anything of it.

So, if you think you know me you better think again because there is a tremendous amount of depth to me and compassion I never run short of. If you are my friend I will cover you with understanding and love and I will always be there for you no matter what happens.