No Man Catch

Women use some shady tactics to “catch a man” but the things they should be doing they seem to forget are important. Men do not like to be tricked or manipulated anymore than a woman. Men do not find the helpless, innocent, ignorant female to be attractive no matter how pretty they may be.

Men like women that are confident, independent, senual, romantic and of course sexual. Men do not like the women that chase them and they do not like women to hang on them. Men like an intelligent woman, a woman of substance, someone who is interested in them not who or what they have.

Men love to give a woman presents but the woman who accepts every gift is a damn fool. Gifts are nice but if you do not limit the ones you accept then you are losing part of yourself. I do not want a man to think I live for his presents because I am not like that and presents should only be given on special occasions.

I like to keep communication always open because as parents, we have a responsibility to our loved ones and to ourselves and letting each other know what is going on in our lives singularly as well as collectively keeps us on the same path. A relationship that is healthy is very important to me and this man makes me happy.

I want to see him healthy and happy and I want us to always be best friends first, lovers and a couple that respect each other enough to have trust, faith and love. I have no doubt with open lines of communication we will build a foundation for our relationship that is unmovable.


Imagine a time and place when men courted women and the woman’s female family members followed behind the couple as they walked. Imagine a time and place when the woman  carried her husband’s child inside of her and cooked a homemade meal. Imagine a time and place where the family was all that mattered and nobody messed with the family.

Those times are past us unfortunately but I wonder if they still exist in Italy or am I to caught up in the “Godfather”? I am old fashioned and I like living that way because that is all I have to hold onto is my memories. I think men appreciate being treated a certain way and I think they appreciate a woman who is capable of fixing a meal and taking care of him in the bedroom.

I imagine one day that my life will fall into its place and I will have my hopes and dreams come true. I would like to have a little ranch with black raspberry bushes growing and a little garden. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dreams are they will not happen until the right time.


No, No, Nope

I joined a few dating sites and going through all those pics is so boring and time-consuming. One site you rate people and I just keep hitting 1 for a rating because none of them attract me. I am very picky and not just any man can turn my head and I don’t care how attractive he is if he has no personality, he has nothing.

As you know I like long hair on a man and the man I have cared for, for years cut his hair to “fit it” to what his employers wanted. It is sad that a person has to change for a job and I do hope he never changes for a woman, which I highly doubt he ever would. He is shy but he is a flirt and loves women and sex more than the average man.

His actions do not intimidate me because I also know he is one that is true to his heart and I so hope he is with a woman that makes him happy, really happy but I think not. If he doesn’t slow down and get some rest he won’t have to worry about his love life because he won’t be having a life at all.

It’s time for him to get some serious tlc in his life and because I care for him as a person and a friend, I want the best for him. It is a shame we will never meet because I think we would have so much fun and a great time and that is what he needs. He would never have to worry about me asking him for anything because it wouldn’t happen.

I think he is to afraid of me to meet me because I could woop his ass and I think he knows it, lol. All I can say is I am the type of person once you meet me you never forget me. You either hate me or like and most like me, except for women of course because I threaten them.

I am glad we haven’t met because he couldn’t handle having that much fun without spending a small fortune. My luck he would fall in love with me and I do not want that, men fall for me so damn easy and I am not bragging, it just happens. I make people feel good about themselves and that happens so rarely.

People never compliment each other anymore and women, well hell women just don’t do it, but I do compliment women. A pretty woman is rare to see and if I like their hair, makeup or clothes I let them know. I will also tell you that you look like shit if you ask me and you do. Sometimes, you do not have to ask-like that ugly ass green flourescent tie with the blue shirt, can you  say UGLY?


There is this guy on tv with four wives, is this guy out of his mind? Women living together end up menstruating at the same time, this guy has got to be a closet drunk. I cannot image having a relationship with three other women, not happening, not now not ever.

I do not like women to begin with, sorry readers-women are petty and catty and working in the steel mill as an industrial electrician with all men has taught me two things, women bitch-men whine.

Men whine like forever about the stupidest shit and women bitch because we are trying to get things done. If you disagree with me, guess what I don’t care, lmao. I have heard every complaint a man could ever have about a woman.

I listened to one guy whine about his wife not wanting to have anal sex with him, like what am I suppose to do about it? Then I listened to another guy complain about what a lousy cook his wife was even though dinner was on the table every night.

Men whine and whine and whine and it gets as old as listening to someone bitch all the time. Women bitch because they are not happy and the more they bitch the more you better pay attention.

Do You Know Me?

I am the woman who has been through more bad times than anyone I know. I am the woman who is unconventional and held her own for over 23 yrs. in the steel mill as an electrician. I am the woman who shakes it up and doesn’t tolerate injustice and I am the woman who can fix almost anything.

I am the woman who has held the hand of four family members as they died and I am the woman who everyone says is so strong. It isn’t strength that has kept me going it is a powerful force that neither you or I can see but I can feel as deeply as my first love. I am the woman who will not back down on my beliefs or trade sides because the other side looks better.

I am the woman that will back you up even if you are wrong and I am the woman who will defend your honor at all costs. I am more of a man in many ways than most men are and I will defend my honor as well as yours to the death. I am not a frilly woman and I never have been but I am sexy and very sensual, which most women my age are not.

I swear more than a truck driver and never back down when I believe I am right and if you get an apology from me then you are damn lucky because I usually am right. I do not sell my friends down the river EVER and I do not turn my back on those that need help. My friends are few but I am rich in friendship and my friends are now my family.

I am a terrible liar and if you know me then you know when I am lieing but then again I can straight-faced tell you something that is so outrageous you would believe it. I am the woman who loves a good joke especially dirty ones and I am the woman that would wipe your ass if you were to sick to and not think anything of it.

So, if you think you know me you better think again because there is a tremendous amount of depth to me and compassion I never run short of. If you are my friend I will cover you with understanding and love and I will always be there for you no matter what happens.

Where Is The Romance

Why is it people are so romantic until they get you then some of them stop being romantic? Forget the candy, flowers, nice gifts as that has all gone out the window. The homemade dinners stop, but you didn’t know they weren’t homemade to begin with, lol.

Yes there are women that cannot cook, never could cook and never will. They run to the local deli or grocery, buy the pre made and put it in bowls like they made it. It’s called to impress but does it really? Why play games and lie? Why not just be yourself and call it a day?

Romance is something I thrive on, the nice dinners are made from scratch, the bath is already waiting for him and a glass of wine is perfect temperature to enjoy the bouquet. Men like to be romanced as well as women but sometimes women think they are the only ones that should be romanced.

Relationships are hard enough without being stupid and trying to pretend you are someone you will never be. What impresses most people? Honesty does and if you can’t cook, all I can say is you need to learn.

Romancing a man includes nice lingerie, good music and lots of talking dirty. Men love to be talked dirty to in the bedroom, kitchen or even garage. You talk dirty to a man and he gets so turned on, so remember romance isn’t just for the women.


Ms. Right

I feel as if I am the perfect person for someone special, yes he knows who he is and I am sure he is feeling quite smug at this moment. He seems to always get what he wants but with me, well he will be getting what he needs. I confuse him, piss him off, make him feel fantastic and loved and keep him guessing.

He can’t figure out why he is attracted to me when there are so many beautiful women in this world he could choose from. I am not ugly but I am not a knock down beautiful woman either. I do ok and I am ok with who I am which is more than I can say for a lot of women.

I am Ms. Right and there is nothing he can do about it, which is what cracks me up. It’s called soulmates love, yes soulmates.  I will always be Ms. Right for someone special and you will be too, everyone has a Ms. Right or Mr. Right. We just have to believe and bring in positive into our lives.

Smile A Little Smie

It’s hard to smile when your heart is broken but if you never look back and keep moving forward life will change and one day you will meet the one that will make you smile again. A smile says so much as the eyes twinkle and the smile lights up your face like a beacon, a smile can change the world.



Hoe Do You

Are you the type that is in love with two people? One you have access to and the other you are afraid to approach? You are always thinking of the one that is taboo to you, yet you are also happy with the one you are with? Quite a mess you have yourself in wouldn’t you say?

So what do you do? Who do you go to and should you ever meet the one in your fantasy’s? Why are you afraid to meet her? Is it because you know once you do you will never be able to leave her? You know she has that much control over you and you are scared shitless of her, aren’t you?

You have many happy moments with the one you are currently with but you cannot get the other one out of your thoughts and you even think of her when you are poking your gf. Now doesn’t that make you feel like shit? I sure would hope so, so what is your games plan this time Sherlock?

Do you think she is sitting waiting for you? Please do not be that foolish as she waits for no one and lives each day as it comes and if she meets someone new that is great. You do realize her kids will be gone in two years and she will be gone then, so will you miss her? Will you try to snatch her up before someone else does?

I’m sure you know that she will not tolerate another women in your relationship and you also realize she wants you to get it out of your system before you come to her, that’s if you have any plans of meeting her. I can tell you one of the biggest mistakes of your life is not meeting her, trust me you will regret it the rest of your life.

When A Man Loves A Woman

When men are in love it is quite different from a woman, most of the time. Men think of sex first and foremost and woman think of love. When a man loves a woman he will contact her daily and try to impress her in the beginning and same with women. Women are sneaky bitches these day and men have to protect themselves.

There are women are there that will get knocked up and try to get married, which of course never does last and another divorce is on the docket. I know longer believe in marriage with a legal document  because if you really love someone you shouldn’t need to get married and you shouldn’t have to have a kid to solidify the relationship.

Men usually are not as emotional as women but they can get just as mean and nasty as a woman scorned. I can see getting upset but not taking it further than some hateful words. When you start posting pics that are hurtful for someone to see on fb then you really need to  step back and take a look at yourself and what you are trying to achieve.