Sports Thighs

Well this appears to be my lucky month as I am meeting another guy, he is a bit young 32 but he is ready, willing and able. He is 6’4″ and skates behind a hockey stick professionally. I have been chatting with him on skype and he seems to be looking for the exact same thing I am.

I love tall men and the taller the better and handsome, omg definitely and he is Italian on top of it all. I think I fell in a bucket of shit and came out smelling like the rose. I think I might have found myself a new photographer who knows and the best thing of all is I just got some hot new dresses.

Let me just say the dresses are revealing all over and if you wore a garterbelt you could see it. I think I will wear it the first time we meet strictly for shock affect, lmao. I so love shocking people and watching their reaction because people would never expect to have someone take off their jacket and you can see their body, like really see it.

Doing things like that is what I love to do, they are spontaneous, funny, shocking and flooring to people and their reactions are priceless. I know I am immature and childish, disgusting and revolting but damn I am fun and I can keep myself entertained quite nicely.

Painted Toes

I really enjoy lingerie and I like to paint my toe nails red, once in a while you will catch me with make-up on but not often. I don’t have the time or the patience to paint my face. Make-up is so over used and should be used as an enhancer not a cover-up. I think a woman should feel sexy from head to toe and her man should feel just as hot.

Self image is the undoing of all and we need to have a healthy self-image before we can stand tall with our bayonet against the soldiers of doom. You have to feel secure in who you are and what is the number one goal in your life. Do you know what yours is? Think about it, write down ten things and then eliminate one by one until you have one left.

My goal in life is to make other’s happy and share my experiences so I may help someone else. I have known this is my life goal for over thirty years and the spiritual me strives to help others. My own actions cost me dearly but things are coming back to me that are rightfully mine.


I am a fighter, a conqueror of those that are entombed in greed and I will not let anyone take what is mine or ours, my children and I. No one has any idea what lies behind these smiling eyes and they do not see the razor-sharp knife I will gladly use to cut them down to size.

I am a very sad soul that tries to hide behind a beautiful picture that is really an ugly self-portrait. I even wonder if anyone reading this understands what I am saying or am I so oblique nothing comes through?