Baby Killers

Today is Veteran’s Day and I am reminded of my husband because he was in Vietnam. When he returned he was called so many names including baby killer. He never killed a woman or child and he told me he only killed those trying to kill him. Being a vet is hard because they live with memories you and I could never even imagine.

My husband didn’t go because he was strong or brave, he went because our government told him he had to go. He was a young man of 19 who was still wet behind the ears and he was thrown into a war he had no interest in. He ended up getting shot in the leg and he healed and was back in the field.

When my husband’s leg was amputated in 2003 my son was only five but he said “daddy, don’t feel bad you lost your leg, it was the one the bullet went through”. How observant children can be and so damn honest at times. My husband rarely spoke about Vietnam and I could tell it really affected him.

Today I honor all the veterans that gave their lives and all the veterans that survived and fought because they were forced to. No man is a baby killer and to say such crap makes me sick.  We should honor those that men and women and not insulted, blamed or put down. There were no baby killers, just soldiers that did as they were told.


I like history and I like watching about history on tv. I am fascinated with Hitler, yes I realize what he did and that is what I find so fascinating. How can one man get a nation to believe every word he says? How did he do that? Where times so bad that he was the only hope so the people thought?

His testing on twins and the deformed was unbelievably cruel and being so devious he had gas chambers built for human extermination. Did people follow his direction out of fear? Committment to his cause? I never seem to be able to watch a complete show on the Nazi era but I do find it so very interesting from a psychological point.

I enjoy watching and studying people and I find it funny that my stalker can’t seem to figure me out, like I am a puzzle. I am simple to understand, it’s when you try to understand me to hard is when you get screwed up. I am straight forward and honest I want him but I am so lonely that I will settle for less just for comfort. 

I know I should wait for when we can meet because we will meet eventually or should I try to fill the void in my life and do what is best for me. Of course I am going to try to fill the void but honestly, I do not see that happening. When I commit to something or someone I do not turn my back and walk away. I never seem to want to give up, that is the fool in me.