The Music

I love music and from morning until night I am listening to all kinds from all ethnicities and it moves me in the way I need at that time. Music can say so much by saying nothing at, you just have to listen with your eyes closed you will hear and feel the beauty of the melody.

I envision myself in my black negligee dance hand in hand with the one I love and we are swirling and twirling in my bedroom, it is so romantic, a moment I wish to hold onto even though it is nothing more than a vision. Sometimes, that is all we do have to hold onto but it gets us through.

Just Can’t


I was trolling my Facebook as usual and as usual I listen to every son posted as I adore all types of music. This song I clicked and it scared the shit out of me. What if I meet up with this friend and find out he’s involved with someone else?

Damn, I do not want to be in the middle of hurting anyone, no that scares me as I am not wanting to harm anyone. If things aren’t good enough for him and her, where the hell am I going to be? I do not want my heart to be an innocent victim.

I do not want pain to be brought on another by me, so now I am really hoping we just don’t hit it of so well. Maybe just keep it friends and no more until I am sure that there is nobody in his back pocket, asking me to go against that is something I cannot do.

Don’t ask me where I got the morals from because they sure didn’t come from my momma but I believe God has given me strong morals and ethics to help fight the adversity that has been in my life. I am quite fortunate as most people do not know what morals or ethics really are.