The Nerve

I hate it when people stop by without calling first and that includes my daughter. I do not like surprises like someone just showing up at my door unless I want to molest them of course and that hasn’t happened as of yet. Cyril showed up at my door and I actually acted like I wasn’t home, sneaking a peek to see who was at the door, I turned my naked as right around and walked back and sat down. There is only one person I would open my door to unannounced and that is likely to happen about as much as pink balloons are going to fill the sky.

I have got my sauna almost put together in the corner of my room and the cake decorating crap is mostly listed and in the study. I am so excited about my trip I cannot wait to get out of here, there has been too much drama for my taste and after next month things will be clear sailing again. I’m thinking about going the second Tuesday in April and returning the 30th of April but have to check it out, “he” says he will meet me but I do not think that will happen.

He is changing jobs and who knows what he has up his sneaky sleeve. He is a sly one but not as sly as he thinks and he does crack me up but most men do because they think they have it going on when they are nowhere near it. “He” lives the high life and I do not know if he could ever live any other way and I am concerned about that because I do not want to live the rich and famous lifestyle and I am the type of person to tell the maid to take a break while I did her work.


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