The Wow Factor

I’m doing it finally, walking in the right direction and I am finding the farther I move from the past full moon the more balanced I feel. The solar eclipse is working it’s magic as I type. Solar eclipses are endings, they force things to come to a head and pop.  Many think a solar eclipse brings discord and shakes the stability of any foundation, that’s what he’s suppose do bring all the uglies to the surface and when it is all gone nothing but good comes into our lives.

So you think I’m crazy too? Good, another feather in my cap the way I see it and I own it as well, can you say the same? My beliefs run off the beaten path, ying yang, metaphysical, spirituality the him her wow factor. I’m have been tryng to put out all the fires with a teaspoon of water and you know what? It doesn’t help a damn bit to run because you really can’t hide as well. All of us need to dump the excess baggage and change our lives as we know it.

My life is in huge, majorly huge changes, wonderful ideas have come to me which will enhance my finances, my self worth, who I am, where I want to be and whom I have chosen to be with. It is a cleansing long over do and I’m sucking it up the straw as fast as I do a mango smoothie. I am shedding my old epedermis for brand new, a completely new me. Kimberly

3 thoughts on “The Wow Factor

    • Hi sweetie,
      I am older so the youngins you chose dont do a thing for me so I voted for antonio banderas. I love his sensual ways, his accent, the way he moves, he is romantic, intelligent and so much of what type of a man I prefer. I am working on reading your blog and find it to be so like myself in many ways except you proofread and I do and don’t depending on my time. I have too many thoughts going through my head at one time and thinking of eroticfantasylife stories as I am writing in DefineMe so you will read I instead of you or her, am sorry but just been overloaded with persoanl issues and trying to get my life together, which is a joke since i am 52 and should have it together but have someone playing with my mind for several years now and he leaves me breathless, truly he does! Maybe one day we shall meet but who knows what God has planned for me? Only he knows and I follow his guidance praying for the man I love with every fiber of being to come to me soon before I whither like the unwatered rose that is wilting in my yard.
      Keep writing it feeds the heart and nourishes the soul my sweet, no I am not gay but do believe everyone should be made to feel good about themselves since I have no cheering myself. Until next time, Kimberly

      • Wow and here I thought thinking you were probably 18-26 🙂 You’re young at heart and that is great. Ha ha I appreciate you reading my blog and I noticed similar traits between us as well;). Thank you for voting all the same and yes, Antonio is still a very excellent choice. I will join you in prayer and I sincerely wish you all the best.- Camgal

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