Trip To

I’m off to court this morning to get my record cleared from slapping my son, the court had me do a bunch of crap I am already doing which was no big deal. I have an opportunity to get it off my record and I plan on doing that this morning. It’s no big deal to me but could come back to haunt me if I don’t take care of it this morning. James is still mia so he must be in jail or he would have called me. That boy is in the wrong place at the wrong time way to much.

Curil wanted to come over today and I had to tell him no that I had things to do, I hate lying but sometimes you just have to. I do not want him to be a permanent fixture in my life and he is giving me the feeling that he wants to go further than we are and I do not want to. He is a nice person but I am still holding a candle for someone else and besides I am having a love affair with the boys, I enjoy spending time with them and playing with them. 

Khloe has her head in a bubble wrap bag which is so Khloe as she is into everything and she just isn’t right so she fits perfectly in this fam. Michael picks on Gabriel but Gabriel can hold his own and it’s so funny watching these to play/fight. They make me laugh out loud as does Khloe. They keep me upbeat and when I can talk to “him” makes me feel upbeat as well and I am so looking forward to my trip in April and called Frankie and of course he didn’t answer, probably has practice.

I need Frankie to help me find a place to stay in Lagos and I look forward to meeting mouse and the rest of the gang. I just want to have some fun maybe get drunk and just enjoy the hell out of myself without anyone bothering me with stupid calls about stupid shit. I will ask Shelby to stay at the house and take care of my critters and I am sure she will, she knows I need a vacation so bad with all the crap that has happened last year.

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