True Confessions of Me

From the time I open my eyes until I wake up again I think of nobody but you, I do believe I think more about you then any man could think about sex and we both know men think about sex every thirty seconds or less, now don’t we?

I think of your gentle kisses and your soft touch, I think of the smell of your cologne and the smell of your hair and I think of the touch of your chest and the smell of your essence, which no other man has. I think of you smiling a real smile for a change and hearing you laugh a real deep laugh for a change as well.

I look forward to seeing how bright your eyes are when you see me, the smile cross your face and the need you have for me as I have for you. Some may call it love but I call it so much more. I call it the best friend I have ever had and how grateful I am I have had your interest.

I cannot measure how much you have helped me through such difficult times in my life and I cannot thank you enough for the craziness you have gone through to keep my interest. I truly admire your fortitude and tenacity if nothing else.

I have never known a man to go to such lengths for a woman and how I ended up being the lucky woman I do not know but I thank God. You have given me back my self worth and self esteem. You have helped me conquer the demons that have followed me.

If there is nothing between us please let there be a wonderful friendship that is everlasting but I cannot see only being your friend, no I cannot see that at all. All I can see is lieing in bed with your arm around me and both of us content, for once.

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