I went to a male/female strip club last night and I didn’t even know such places existed, we stayed on the male stripper side and I was mildly amused at best. They put on a really good show and then they got to stripping, the guys wore g-strings that barely covered their balls and some of those guys really need to become friends with a razor or waxing. Some of the men were so hairy they gave apes a run for their money.

These guys really thought they had it all and shaking their asses and cocks around like they were a protein shake, hell maybe they were lmao but I wasn’t one to sample what they had to offer. You could tell some of them were on drugs and some were coke heads and drank to get their nerve up to dance I guess. My friends went through a total of five hundred dollar bills as they shoved them down their g-strings and copped a quick feel.

Women can act so desperate, so slutty at times and I guess these types of bars are for women to do just that, act slutty and spend money. I am no prude and I will admit I got a hell of a good laugh out of some of the girls but for me I wasn’t putting any of my cash down some guys pants and if I wanted to feel cock it sure wasn’t going to be in a setting like that. Some of the girls went a bit to far and actually grabbed these guys by the balls and pulled them to them.

I thought one girl was going to give a guy a head job right there at the table because the girls were way to drunk. I do not drink to excess and in fact I nursed a wine spritzer all night long. I can get pretty wild and crazy when I drink and I didn’t want to get out of control so I drank quite a bit of water with my wine and no I didn’t even have a buzz. The girls didn’t even notice that I was the only one sober and I wouldn’t of cared if they had noticed.

I am just so disturbed that the bride fucked someone while we were there and I do not think I can continue to be friends with this person because I cannot face the groom knowing what I know. I know I sound like a stick in the mud but it really bothers me so much because I know both of these people and like them both quite a bit. I guess a real friend would keep their mouth shut and pretend nothing went on but I am not good at lieing or pretending, so what to do???? Definitely keep my mouth shut, that is for sure.